You and Your Liver

Liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. If your liver doesn't function properly, you will be bound to take notice. That is why the signs of liver damage are hard to ignore. And yet we tend to ignore them out of sheer inertia. The causes of liver damage like alcohol, too much oil, fatty liver etc. are well known. However, the signs of liver damage are not as widely known as its cause. You do not agree, do you? Lets take a test. Did you know that foul mouth odour can also be a sign of liver damage? If you cannot digest food properly over a period of time, do you suspect that the cause of this could be liver damage? No , right? Then you are not paying sufficient attention to the omniscient signs of liver damage. Alcohol is not the only cause of liver damage. Just because you don't drink, it does not mean that you will not have a damaged liver. Sometimes, if your food habits are irregular, you could develop fat over your liver. This is called the fatty liver syndrome and it classifies as liver damage too. Nothing ever happens without giving warning signals. So here are a few signs of liver damage that you must look out for.

Mouth Odour: If your liver is not functioning properly, your mouth will smell like the stale fish or bad onions. This is owing to the excess of ammonia produced in the body.

Dark Circles & Tired Eyes: Liver malfunctioning is associated with skin damage and tiredness. The skin under your eyes is very tender and it also reflects your state of health.

Severe Digestive Problems: If your liver has fat over it or is enlarged, you will not even be able to digest water. But even if you have minor digestion problems over a period of time, it means your liver is damaged.
Patchy Skin: Discolouration of the skin happens if you have a faulty liver. Sometimes your skin loses pigmentation and you have white patches that are called liver spots.

Dark Coloured Urine & Stool: Your urine and stool start becoming a dark tan in colour. If this happens once in a while then it can be attributed to dehydration. But on a regular basis, it indicates liver damage.
Yellowish Eyes: When the whites of your eyes turn yellow or your nails look yellow, you may have jaundice. This means your liver is infected and needs treatment.
Bitter Taste In The Mouth: Liver produces the enzyme called bile which is bitter to taste. So if you have a bitter taste in your mouth then you are probably tasting bile.
Abdominal Swelling: Sometimes, the liver gets enlarged due to infection or malfunction. If this condition is not addressed immediately, your abdomen, especially the area around the belly button might get enlarged.



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