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American Tax Relief Act of 2012 Mandates Establishment of Commission on Long-Term Care
The American Tax Relief Act of 2012 that was signed into law by President Obama on January 2 to prevent the "fiscal cliff" and avert major spending cuts includes a provision that mandates the establishment of a Commission on Long-Term Care.

The Commission is to be responsible for developing a plan for "establishing, implementing, and financing" a "comprehensive, coordinated, and high-quality system that ensures the availability of long-term services and supports" for elders and people with disabilities.

Language is included in the American Tax Relief Act that requires the Commission to address the following workforce issues in long-term care:
  • Adequacy of the number of long-term care workers to meet the need
  • Necessary development of the workforce in order to provide high-quality services
  • Development of entities (i.e. public authorities) that can serve as employers and fiscal agents for home care workers
  • Gaps in federal and state infrastructure that prevent the delivery of high-quality long-term services and supports
More information on the Commission and workforce issues is available from PHI


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