How to Use Pepper-Spray

The Right Way To Use Pepper Spray

Posted by: Anwesha Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 11:29 [IST]

Looking for some safety in the world around us, all women should know how to defend themselves. The Delhi gang rape case shook the conscience of the entire nation and has also raised some important issues. For example, should women learn to defend themselves? Usually art of self-defense for women includes karate, marshal arts etc. But learning them is neither an easy nor a fast process.

To protect yourselves, starting this moment you need a pepper spray. A pepper spray can be used with immediate effect. However, you have to learn to use a pepper spray properly. But before that you must know exactly what is the composition of a pepper spray and how it will help you.

What Does Pepper Spray Contain?
The simple answer to this question would be pepper. But actually, the main ingredient of this spray is capciasin. This chemical is extracted from chilli peppers and it contributes to the 'spicy' element of chillies. It is basically an inflammatory agent that irritates your eyes. If a pepper spray is aimed at the face, it causes immediate closing of the eyelid and temporary blindness. It also burns like hell and makes you cough. Considering it can be a life and death situation for you, read these steps to use a pepper spray correctly.

Steps To Use A Pepper Spray
  • Keep It Close: You must always keep the spray at a place from where it can be picked at a moment's notice. Your assailant will not give you time to look and search for a pepper spray.
  • Never Stretch Your Arm: Our natural instinct is to thrust the spraying arm towards the attacker. But this mistake will focus the attacker's attention on your arm and he may snatch the spray out of your grip.
  • Element Of Surprise: It is very important to time your spraying well. Spray the can when you are at a strategic position. You should use the pepper spray in such a way that it surprises the assailant and he doesn't get time to get out of the way.
  • Spray At Once: You must spray the can for atleast 2-3 seconds at a go and then search for help. Do not spray intermittently.
  • Aim The Eyes: You have to aim the eyes of the attacker when you spray. While doing this, keep your own eyes open so that your aim is correct.
    These are some useful tips to use the pepper spray correctly.
    Have you ever used a pepper spray on someone? Share your experience with us.


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