Spring is on - Protect yourself from allergy symptoms and dangers

Learn the keys to preventing and managing allergies caused by tree and grass pollens, pet dander, mold, dust mites, medications, cosmetics, vaccines,insects, and food

If you are an allergy sufferer, you can sometimes feel alone. While others are enjoying spring breezes, you are sniffling and sneezing. While others eat whatever they please, you have to pore over each menu item cautiously.
The fact is, you are not alone. More than one in five Americans suffers from allergic diseases. That includes 36 million people with pollen allergies and more than 15 million with food allergies.
Allergies can be more than disruptive and discomforting. They can be dangerous, such as when symptoms progress to asthma or escalate to potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.
Although allergies can’t yet be cured, they can be controlled with great success. Important advances in diagnosis, treatment, and medications offer welcome relief and peace of mind like never before.
The first step in controlling an allergy is pinpointing the substances that trigger it. In this report, you’ll find assessments of today’s testing choices — traditional prick tests, patch tests, elimination diets, and more — to help you work with an allergist to expedite an accurate diagnosis.
This report draws upon today’s most effective treatment protocols to help you address conditions such as allergic asthma, conjunctivitis, eczema, dermatitis, rhinitis, and hives. You’ll also find a comprehensive guide to more than 60 drugs for allergies and asthma.
A Special Section will also give you insight into the dramatic rise in the occurrence of food allergies. You’ll learn about the deadliest food allergy, about those allergies likely to begin in adulthood, and about the surprising pollen–food connection. You’ll also be briefed on the latest advances to help you manage food allergies, including a way to alleviate some intolerances, new oral immunotherapies, and the prospects for a celiac disease vaccine.

(Courtesy: Harvard Medical School)


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