5 Dangerous Forms of Diet That Might Harm You

Dieting never seems to go out of fashion; it is a routine in most of our lives. People search for diet tips on search engines, books and even ask for help from their friends.
According to reports by World Health organization around 65 percent of the people in this world face the problem of obesity. These have led to growing concern among youngsters and off late elders are also showing interests in diet. People are following health tips from anyone and everyone, just with a hope that it would benefit them.
Although all that we read about dieting is not true, we still don’t hesitate in trying them out. There are a few who must have been dieting from over a decade and still showing no improvement. With books on diet and celebrities endorsing fitness related DVDs, people are cashing in on these ideas and are also becoming the scapegoats in the market.

Read on to know some of the worst diet tips that has to be avoided, listed by Stephanie Castillo of yahoo.

1. Paleo Diet
The name Paleo diet came from the concept linking to the Paleolithic Age or the Caveman Age. This diet suggests people to eat food like the Old Stone Age man giving importance to fruits, vegetables, seafood lean meats. All kinds of dairy products and grains should be avoided. This diet is said to be a low carbohydrate diet and the ban on refined grains, salt and sugars indicates that processed foods are out.

Paleo diet might help in initial
weight loss, but it is said to have complications for the body in the long run. Carbohydrates are a must for the body and lack of carbs leads to bone problems, complications in kidney, constipation and increases the rate of health diseases.

US News and World Report released a number of
Weight Loss Diets; the list stated that Paleo diet was ranked last in its group. The diet was said to be missing two important groups of food and nutrients in a man’s diet. There is not enough scientific evidence to show the long term weight loss in Paleo diet.

2. Dukan Diet
The Dukan Diet plan is known around the world as “Princess Diet”. It is a protein based diet designed by Pierre Dukan. When the book containing these tips was launched, it was sold worldwide in 14 different languages. The diet was divided into four phases; they were attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase and permanent stabilization phase.
Dukan diet eliminates carbs, fruits and vegetables during the first phase of the diet program. In the attack phase lean proteins must be consumed in large quantities and this phase would last from 2 to 7 days. The diet also includes an exercise for 20 minutes.
During the second and third phase, little amount of carbs are added along with the normal diet. And the last phase gives an option to eat all normal foods but on time table basis. Dukan in his book also offers tips to people who regain weight after this program. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen have said this diet was helpful to them.
The Dukan diet plan guarantees fast fat loss and no food cravings with a series of health complications as a package. When there is lack of carbs in the early stages it may lead to insomnia and nausea. On the long run this may lead to nutritional deficiencies, causing health problems like premature ageing, cancer, and heart problems
3. Master Cleanse
Master cleanser is a diet technique taken from the book The Master Cleanser and Healing for the Age of Enlightment. This technique is said to be the fastest way for a dieter to shed weight.
Master cleanser diet gained popularity among people after Beyonce announced that this diet helped her lose 20 pounds. This is a complete juice diet and does not permit food, making this diet hard to follow. The master cleanser drink consists of lemon juice, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Gradually, after 15 days normal food can be included with the diet, in smaller quantities.
According to Dietitian Melinda Johnson, "There is no scientific evidence that you need anything like this or any other detox program to cleanse your body or help you lose weight,"
However this diet is unlikely to be harmful during the short term and can be harmful over the long term. Experts believe that unbalanced plans are dangerous, depending on the time period of the diet. Skipping of food would affect the intestines killing healthy bacteria that help in digestion
4. The Blood Type Diet
The blood type diet requires individuals to check their blood group not to donate, but to know what type of food should be eaten. This is said to be a nutritional diet taken from the book Eat Right 4 Your type written by Peter J.D’Adamo.

This diet is based on
pseudo-science, claiming that different nutrients are broken down in the body based on the blood type. D’Adamo categorizes blood groups accordingly; O blood group should consume meat, A blood group have to follow vegetarian diet and B blood group should consume cereals. Celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Sir Cliff Richard and Courtney Cox-Arquette are said to be following this diet. 
According to a survey researched by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there is no evidence to justify the D’Adamo’s concept.
Segregating food based on blood groups is not a good idea; It is advisable only if it is medically advised to do so. Dieticians are against this concept as they feel this diet could lead to major health issues.
Losing weight on this diet is easy because the intake of calorie is very less, but would affect individuals on the long term.

5. Alcorexia
Alcorexia is a common diet followed among celebrities; this involves consuming very little food during the day and saving up all the calories to binge drink in the night. People follow this diet because it helps keep their weight low and party as well.
Famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and many more are said to be following this diet.
This form of diet has been criticized by Dieticians, as they feel it is utter stupid to follow such diets. These diets are dangerous as the body would not be getting proteins, vitamins and nutrients through alcohol. Alcohol in empty stomach may lead to poisoning or even sudden death.
Scientists believe that alcorexia may lead to cognitive dysfunction, change in behavior and as a result a person might be affected from mental disorders.
People follow different methods of dieting from use of alcohol to eating raw meat; it might seem the world has gone mad. Doctors suggest that the only healthy way to diet is to eat good food with regular exercise every day.
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